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Festival of Lights

Tue, December 17, 2013, 5:00 pm
Blue Spruce Park
Outing Leader: Lee Carnahan


This was our turn to collect money for the Festival of Lights. Members were asked to volunteer.

Trip Report

Eight volunteers -- Ed and Donna Meyer, Wimp and Gloria Lamer, Buck and Alice Beatty, Tom Glover, and I (Lee Carnahan) collected money at Blue Spruce for the Festival of Lights.

This was one of our busiest nights ever, but with so many helpers, everything went as smoothly as clockwork.

It was a cool night with very little wind. Everyone stayed warm with the burn barrel and the heated shanty. We cooked hotdogs and roasted marshmallows on the fire. We also enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies. Thanks to all who helped! All in all, it was a fun and festive night!

If you participated in this trip, you may add an outing report.

Submitted by Lee Carnahan

If you participated in this trip, you may add an outing report.

"Northern Mockingbird" Mimidae Mimus polyglottos, Marg Higbee

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